Botellas 0075 capas

This great wine Albariño 100% ecological, combines in a unique way land, climate and the autochthonous variety which gives rise to our exceptional "terroir"

Corisca, is a wine which conveys the personalized care and lovingly of their strains, their land, their environment, and the necessary passage of time... is shown as a floral and nuanced wine.


Our wine comes from our own vineyards, in organic production with an output of 4,000 Kg / ha.

After a manual harvest, is to perform a gentle Destemming.

Previously is pressing, a carbonic maceration for 6 hours, after which proceeds to the pneumatic pressing at low pressure.

Settling static 48 hours at 13 ° C.

Fermented in a stainless tank steel, all this to 16 ° - 20 °

Raised on Lees for 3 months, subjected to batonnages one day yes and the other one no.

It will be bottled while it’s being served, made prior to the bottling process filtering.Let it rest in the bottle after it was bottled a month ago, and ready to consume.



Visual tasting

   - straw yellow colour with greenish edges, clean and bright.


   - emphasizes openness and aromatic cleansing with rich shades of hay and white fruit, hints of ripe grapes and mineral bottom.


   - stands out for its freshness, balanced and full of fruit that brings you back to the memories of apples and grapes, long, fresh finish.

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