The vineyard emerged in the year 2009, as we wanted to reflect our family tradition, our heritage, our environment, our beliefs, and we wanted to share everything around us that we found passionate and inspiring. We were also concerned about health and healthy eating and growing food responsibly and sustainably.

The passion for the world of wine comes from our father, who began by planting the albariño grape fourty years ago in the subzone of the Rias Baixas D.O. in the 2 hectares owned by our family. We are the second generation of the family, who have dedicated ourselves todeveloping our own eco-terroir.

Our projectgradually gained pace, with the idea of producing a quality but also a healthy wine. So we therefore tried to cultivate the crop whilst integrating the environment around it. This idea of preserving nature and cultivating with it and not against it is what made us opt for organic farming. Therefore we have contributed to our existing inheritance in order to cultivate a healthy product in balance with nature.

We certify our lands as organic agriculture, using vines that were already over 40 years old. We acquired further plants that were 15 years old and also converted them to organic ones. Finally, and with some difficulty, in an area like ours where there are only small plots, we joinedtogether 5 hectares, where we now care for our plants on a daily basis with much love and attention producing the organic grape Albariño which finally results in Corisca wine.