We are pioneers in the recovery of organic agricultural practices in our appellation of Origin Rias Baixas, in the care and conservation of an own eco-terroir, which provides the exclusivity of our wine.

Our two plots, located in the valley of the river Miño, are surrounded by mountains and forests, which protect us from excessive winds and any other external contamination.

Finca Muiño is a plot of 2 hectares of granite soil which improves the drainage of the soil, with plants of more than 45 years in the vine system.

Finca Malladoura is a plot of 3 hectares in ground of rounded edges and granite, with 15 years old plants in the trellis system.

All the work is done manually: pruning is late and with vimbio (a typical Galician shrub), in addition to two green prunings. Our commitment is to re-establish microbiological life in the superficial layer of soil, and the quality of our land.

In this way we get the exclusivity and authenticity of our grape alongside respecting the environment and biodiversity in the vineyard.